Add new tag uitoolkit::xcb and maybe x11::composite-manager?

Andrea Bolognani eof at
Wed Jan 18 10:34:56 UTC 2012

On Wed, Jan 18, 2012 at 04:42:32PM +0900, Arnaud Fontaine wrote:

> > But is  the X  protocol a  "UI Toolkit", or  doesn't this  tag usually
> > indicate that it doesn't use any toolkit at all?
> IMO Xlib is a toolkit as it  allows to design user interface, and as XCB
> is an implementation  of the same protocol, I just  think that a similar
> tag should be added. Not sure that I explain myself clearly though...

AFAIK (and you seem to confirm that) Xlib and XCB are two separate
implementation of the same protocol, ie. an application or library can
be ported from one to the other without the user noticing–in fact, if I
remember correctly, part of Xlib is implemented using XCB nowadays for
performance reasons.

So I can’t see much value in adding these tags, but perhaps you could
give us an example of a situation in which they would be useful.

> > Well,  when the  tag is  name so  it does  include compositing  window
> > managers, then it will also apply to compiz*, mutter (probably), kwin,
> > xfwm4 (?). So it could get the 7 packages we IIRC require for debtags.
> > For me, the question however remains whether it is more useful for the
> > user to  have these (probably  confusing, since they  are overlapping)
> > tags, or just one.
> Perhaps  x11::composite-manager  along  with  x11::window-manager  would
> cover all composite window manager (mutter, compiz, kwin and xfwm4), and
> without  x11::window-manager  it  would  cover  composite  manager  only
> (xcompmgr and unagi). This is just an  idea, not sure if the semantic is
> right though ;-).

I really like this idea: finding compositing manager is probably not that
useful, since as you note we currently have only two of them in the
archive; on the other hand, we have (too?) many window managers, and being
able to quickly tell which ones are also compositing managers would be

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