Add new tag uitoolkit::xcb and maybe x11::composite-manager?

Arnaud Fontaine arnau at
Wed Jan 18 07:42:32 UTC 2012


Erich Schubert <erich.schubert at> writes:

>> Both xcb  and xlib are   libraries implementing  the X protocol,  but
>> are indeed very different. I  think it would be like saying  that GTK
>> and QT are the same ;-).
> But is  the X  protocol a  "UI Toolkit", or  doesn't this  tag usually
> indicate that it doesn't use any toolkit at all?

IMO Xlib is a toolkit as it  allows to design user interface, and as XCB
is an implementation  of the same protocol, I just  think that a similar
tag should be added. Not sure that I explain myself clearly though...

>> Mutter), that's   why I suggested   adding such  tag.  On  the  other
>> hand, AFAIK there are currently  only two composite manager packages,
>> therefore  I'm not   sure that   would be  enough  and  perhaps there
>>  could be  a more
> Well,  when the  tag is  name so  it does  include compositing  window
> managers, then it will also apply to compiz*, mutter (probably), kwin,
> xfwm4 (?). So it could get the 7 packages we IIRC require for debtags.
> For me, the question however remains whether it is more useful for the
> user to  have these (probably  confusing, since they  are overlapping)
> tags, or just one.

Perhaps  x11::composite-manager  along  with  x11::window-manager  would
cover all composite window manager (mutter, compiz, kwin and xfwm4), and
without  x11::window-manager  it  would  cover  composite  manager  only
(xcompmgr and unagi). This is just an  idea, not sure if the semantic is
right though ;-).

> As for  compositing.  I gave  it a try,  but actually found  it pretty
> useless (I  actually like my windows  to be opaque), and  it seemed to
> eat much more battery power than  not using it. But that is irrelevant
> here.

Sure,  having transparent  windows is  only eye  candy, but  Exposé-like
plugin or live  windows thumbnails within a tag/window  switcher is more
useful and enhances usability I think.

> Sorry if  I appear  to be  rejecting everything. My  answer is  just a
> comment,   not  any   kind  of   decision.  I'm   a  bit   opposed  to
> overcategorizing things, but that is just my personal preference.

No problem at all, I understand.

Arnaud Fontaine
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