Tagging new software. Proposing new tags, and some misc doubts

Laura Arjona Reina larjona at larjona.net
Tue Jun 2 20:58:40 UTC 2015

Hi everybody.
Congratulations for working in Debtags.

I'm in contact with the upstream developer of two programs packaged for
Debian, and I proposed him to debtag them together.

Some doubts arised.

One package is "auralquiz" which is a music quiz game that scans a users
selected folder of music and creates a quiz using the tags from the
audio files.

We couldn't find a suitable game::xxx tag, and we suggest game::quiz

The other package is "dianara", a Qt client for the pump.io federated
social network. We used use::chatting but we're not sure it's correct,
and we suggest web::socialnetworking

("Pumpa" is another Qt client for pump.io network which is untagged too
and could use the same tags).

On the other side, for both packages (auralquiz and dianara) the web
interface was suggesting tags x11::application and interface::x11, but
upstream developer says that technically, they don't need X11, they can
be used in Wayland, for example. What do you recommend in this situation?

Finally, is the "review interface" login connected with SSO? I've tried
my alioth credentials (I'm larjona-guest) and they don't work.

Thank you very much

Laura Arjona

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