Tagging new software. Proposing new tags, and some misc doubts

Benjamin Mesing ben-ml at gmx.net
Fri Jun 5 15:45:12 UTC 2015

Hi Laura,

> One package is "auralquiz" which is a music quiz game that scans a users
> selected folder of music and creates a quiz using the tags from the
> audio files.
> We couldn't find a suitable game::xxx tag, and we suggest game::quiz

I agree, that there is no suitable game tag, and probably use::learning
does not fit will.
Generally we have a minimum 7 packages per tag to avoid tag explosion.
With auralquiz, kwordquiz, kgeography and purity-ng we have only four,
while the others are served well with use::learning.
I think currently use::gameplaying and may be use::learning could be

> The other package is "dianara", a Qt client for the pump.io federated
> social network. We used use::chatting but we're not sure it's correct,
> and we suggest web::socialnetworking

Sounds like a good idea, it might also go into purpose::socialnetworking
What do the other think?

> On the other side, for both packages (auralquiz and dianara) the web
> interface was suggesting tags x11::application and interface::x11, but
> upstream developer says that technically, they don't need X11, they can
> be used in Wayland, for example. What do you recommend in this situation?

Great you bring this up :) We have consensus to rename interface::x11 to
interface::graphical and drop X11::application. I just need to act on
that. So you should tag interface::x11.

> Finally, is the "review interface" login connected with SSO? I've tried
> my alioth credentials (I'm larjona-guest) and they don't work.

I can't answer this one with certainty, but I believe the review
interface is only accessible by selected people.

Best regards


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