[Dict-common-dev] Re: Status of the Debian ispell dicts and wordlist transition

Jordi Mallach jordi@sindominio.net
Mon, 16 Dec 2002 02:28:11 +0100

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On Thu, Dec 12, 2002 at 03:27:22PM +0100, Agust=EDn Mart=EDn Domingo wrote:
> We would also like to hear from you about the possibility of allowing
> building the ispell hashes during package installation. That is
> currently done by the ipolish package, and its case is explicitly
> mentioned in the policy, since it allows the sysadmin to generate the
> hash with different options.
> The disadvantage of this system would be a bit larger packages and a bit
> longer installation time (timings show that this might not be
> significant), as well as losing the extra testing step the autobuilders
> provide. The buildhash step is probably the less prone to errors in a
> ispell dict building, so probably this last is not important.
> The advantage would be to make ispell dict packages doing things this
> way 'Architecture: all' and if some sort of intelligent system is
> implemented to support this, that each time an ispell package with a
> 'compatibility level' higher is uploaded all such dicts would be
> automagically rebuilt, so incompatibilities in the hash due to new
> ispell versions are handled on the fly.

Looking at the pro's and cons, I think it's a good idea to do this.

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