[Dict-common-dev] Status of the Debian ispell dicts and wordlist transition

Agustín Martín Domingo agmartin@aq.upm.es
Fri, 13 Dec 2002 18:22:12 +0100

Hi all again

Just to let you know some more news about the transition,

> However we found a couple of additional problems, the mipsel build
> system had its dpkg database corrupted on October 28th, where a number
> of ispell dicts was tried to build and the autobuilder did not try again
> since them. Ryan Murray has already been mailed about this.

Ryan already managed this, (thanks, Ryan). Please check that your ispell 
packages were succesfully built for mipsel.

> There is also a problem for some packages already in testing that
> previously built only an ispell dictionary and a wordlist, but now also
> build an aspell dict. Since aspell could never be built for mips/mipsel,
> that packages cannot currently be built for mips/mipsel and the
> 'testing' scripts do not consider them appropriate to pass from unstable
> to testing. This currently affects Norwegian and Dutch packages and,
> unless somebody manages to make aspell compile with mips/mipsel gcc,
> will probably require asking for manual intervention from the release
> manager, if he thinks that is O.K.

More good news from Ryan:

> This is fixed with gcc 3.2, which is coming soon.  Testing isn't moving because
> of libc anyhow.

We still have to wait, but hopefully as soon as the glibc bug is fixed 
the system will be ready to pass. Anyhow a bit more test in unstable 
does not harm.

Your dictionaries-common team,