[Dict-common-dev] Visibility of the dictionaries-common Policy

Agustín Martín Domingo agmartin@aq.upm.es
Thu, 19 Dec 2002 20:03:17 +0100

Rafael Laboissiere wrote:
> I was just wondering if it is not time to start asking the integration of
> the dict-common Policy into the Debian Policy.  The first step would be to
> ask the webmasters to add a links to the SF site in the developer's corner
> web page (http://www.debian.org/devel/, under "Packaging").
> What do you think?
Yes, we probably should. I would like to remove the aspell stuff first 
from the policy document to avoid confusions in the future, but I am 
afraid I will not have much time to do that in the next two weeks. I 
still do not know what to do with the aspell code once new aspell is at 
some time uploaded. I think the only aspell package currently using the 
installdeb-aspell stuff is my aspell-gl-minimos package, so that part 
should not be a big problem. But I guess some thing will need to be done 
for the emacs stuff since we cancel the ispell.el pre-settings for 
languages and substitute them by our auto-generated ones.

Aspell manuals suggest that the best way to set aspell as spellchecker 
under emacs is to put

(setq-default ispell-program-name "aspell")

in the ~/.emacs file, but I am afraid that is read after all the lisp 
dict-common stuff is read. Otherwise some sort of 
emacsen-aspell-dicts.el file could be generated or one hardcoded added 
to the package and read if aspell selected.


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