[Dict-common-dev] Re: Deadline for ispell dictionaries and wordlists transition to new policy

Rafael Laboissiere Rafael Laboissiere <laboissiere@psy.mpg.de>
Sat, 5 Oct 2002 07:08:52 +0200

* Agustín Martín Domingo <agmartin@aq.upm.es> [2002-10-03 13:48]:

> Tollef Fog Heen wrote:
> >* Agustín Martín Domingo 
> >
> >(please Cc me on replies, I'm not subscribed)
> >
> >| In the meantime, please test the system as much as you can. There
> >| are surely some hidden bugs, and we will find some more after the
> >| transition starts, but the most we find before the better. Remember
> >| that we have at the sourceforge staging area packages for nearly
> >| all old style ispell dictionary and wordlist packages (there is
> >| some very new one that might not be there).
> >
> >Why Pre-Depends?  At least for the norwegian packages, they don't have
> >a preinst, which means that Pre-Depends work just like Depends.
> >
> Thanks for pointing out that. As a matter of fact the policy says 
> nothing about modifying preinst scripts, so that should be valid for all 
> IDWP. I am afraid that pre-dependency was left there from the first 
> stages of policy reimplementation, when we wanted to run some 
> dictionaries-common scripts from packages debconf config files ... until 
> we realized that debconf did run them before the package was even unpacked.
> [snip]
> Furthermore, reading the policy document it even refers to the config 
> reason, what is clearly false.
> Rafael, Do you remember any other reason we considered for this? What do 
> you think?

I cannot remember the details now and, unfortunately, I am going to leave
the town right now for a trip.  I will be back at the end of the next week.
I think that you are right, so go ahead and make the necessary changes in
the Policy and packages, please.