[Dict-common-dev] packages for dutch dictionaries

Ivo Timmermans ivo@o2w.nl
Tue, 3 Sep 2002 20:12:40 +0200

Agust=C3=ADn Mart=C3=ADn Domingo wrote:
> Ivo Timmermans wrote:
> > I am a member of SF, but not added to the project, AFAIK.  If you want
> > to add me, my account name is 'zarq'.  I'll try to see if I can create
> > a package that complies to the new policy and generates the aspell-nl
> > dictionary.
> Wonderful. I just added you to the project.


> If your package already creates an aspell dictionary there is not much=20
> more to do currently on the aspell side.

Thanks for the info.  I'm new to aspell, it's just that Bas Zoetekouw
submitted a patch to me that the package generates it.

> > Meanwhile, I uploaded a -14 as well.  Maybe you could change the
> > conflict to something like <=3D 1:0.1e-20 orso, so that I have some room
> > to do maintenance releases?
> Done and uploaded to sf.
> By the way, I do not see neither -13 nor -14 anywhere.

They're still in queue/new, awaiting acceptance from the ftpmasters.

> Are you subscribed to dict-common-dev mailing list? Just to know whether
> replying to the list is enough.

Yes.  My Mail-Followup-To should be correct.


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