[Dict-common-dev] packages for dutch dictionaries

Agustín Martín Domingo agmartin@aq.upm.es
Tue, 03 Sep 2002 18:17:17 +0200

Ivo Timmermans wrote:
 > I am a member of SF, but not added to the project, AFAIK.  If you want
 > to add me, my account name is 'zarq'.  I'll try to see if I can create
 > a package that complies to the new policy and generates the aspell-nl
 > dictionary.

Wonderful. I just added you to the project.

If your package already creates an aspell dictionary there is not much 
more to do currently on the aspell side. Most things we already added to 
the policy document about aspell dicts are mainly a way of putting 
together info spread between the aspell and pspell manuals and is good 
also for old policy packages (e.g., the use of .pwli files for pspell 
use). Since aspell dicts do not use the links system for default dict 
selection, they are not affected by most things ispell dicts and 
wordlists are. As a matter of fact, the integration of aspell into the 
policy is still not complete, but it should not be at all as traumatic 
(deadlines, incompatibilities..) as ispell dicts and wordlists are.

In the 0.7.0 dictionaries-common package we added some support for 
aspell helpers and for recreating the region-to-spelling.map file when 
different spellings are available for the same language (american, 
british, canadian ...). This last thing is the main addition in this 
version and is still experimental, and will probably be the only place 
where the policy adds something not previously in the aspell or pspell 

 > In the changelog for dictionaries-common (0.7.0) you list:
 >     - Bumped conflicting versions of idutch and wdutch to 
(<=1:0.1e-13) due
 >       to a new package being uploaded to official debian repository.
 > Meanwhile, I uploaded a -14 as well.  Maybe you could change the
 > conflict to something like <= 1:0.1e-20 orso, so that I have some room
 > to do maintenance releases?

Done and uploaded to sf.

By the way, I do not see neither -13 nor -14 anywhere.



Are you subscribed to dict-common-dev mailing list? Just to know whether
replying to the list is enough.

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