[Dict-common-dev] Uploaded other uploader (ureleasedeb)

Agustín Martín Domingo agmartin@aq.upm.es
Mon, 02 Sep 2002 17:21:10 +0200

Hi, all

Just to let you know that I have just uploaded to sourceforge a modified 
  version of the uploading script 'sf-dictrelease'. Since it is of much 
more general purpose that 'sf-dictrelease' I renamed it to 
'ureleasedeb', and I hope it will be able to manage remote unofficial 
apt-able debian repositories in a more general way.

It is more experimental than the old sf-dictrelease and has been tested 
only by me, so take with much more care, although I have been using it 
without problems for a while (those upload reports with changelog entries).

To use it, simply:

urelease --refresh-userrc

will create a sample ~/.ureleasedeb.rc. Put your sf username into the 
dict-common profile and you are ready. From the build directory,

ureleasedeb --remote --profile=dict-common

will do the work. For those not suscribed to dict-common-cvs this is the 
changelog entry:
    * Initial Release.
    * This is a much improved version of the original 'sf-dictrelease'
      script we used to upload ispell dictionaries and wordlist debian
      packages to the staging area at sourceforge. Code has been
      generalized to maintain any sort of unofficial debian repositories
      in a similar way. With respect to 'sf-dictrelease' these are the
      main changes:
        - Renamed to 'ureleasedeb' to be more general. Also the default
          initialization file has been renamed to '~/.ureleasedeb.rc'.
        - Generalized the code to work with other repositories in a
          simpler way. Also code has been simplified in some places.
        - There is no default upload site now. Things have to be
          specified in the command line or in the initialization file.
        - Now option parsing uses getopt instead of a built-in parser.
        - Temporary directories are now created using 'mktemp'.
        - Now uses 'dpkg-parsechangelog' in the upload messages. This
          provides with more useful information.
        - Better variable checking for some undefined vars.
        - Preliminary support for uploading from architectures different
          that i386.


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