[Dict-common-dev] packages for dutch dictionaries

Ivo Timmermans ivo@o2w.nl
Tue, 3 Sep 2002 14:59:45 +0200

Agust=C3=ADn Mart=C3=ADn Domingo wrote:
> Ivo Timmermans wrote:
> >
> >
> >Ah, I did not mean to upload that package to sid, but to the staging
> >area.  My question was rather: who does the upload? you
> >(August=C3=ADn), or me?
> >
> >Meanwhile, 1:0.1e-13 is sitting in queue/new on auric (old style
> >package).
> >
> I just modified the appropiate conflict entries in the cvs for=20
> dictionaries-common. Regarding upload, unless you have an account at=20
> sourceforge and are added as a member of the dict-common project we will=
> need to do the upload. If this latter, let us know where the new style=20
> package is.

I am a member of SF, but not added to the project, AFAIK.  If you want
to add me, my account name is 'zarq'.  I'll try to see if I can create
a package that complies to the new policy and generates the aspell-nl

> I will probably not have access to my computer during this week, so I=20
> plan to upload to sourceforge the last cvs version of=20
> dictionaries-common next monday. Since it has some experimental code,=20
> that will allow to follow it more closely that if I upload it today.=20
> Then all new conflicts will become active.

In the changelog for dictionaries-common (0.7.0) you list:

    - Bumped conflicting versions of idutch and wdutch to (<=3D1:0.1e-13) d=
      to a new package being uploaded to official debian repository.

Meanwhile, I uploaded a -14 as well.  Maybe you could change the
conflict to something like <=3D 1:0.1e-20 orso, so that I have some room
to do maintenance releases?


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