[Dict-common-dev] Details about the transition

Agustín Martín Domingo agmartin@aq.upm.es
Thu, 19 Sep 2002 19:42:51 +0200

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Rafael Laboissiere wrote:
> What about this: Let us post the plans now (just pick the transition plan
> that you find the best) and wait an extra week for the reactions.  After
> that, impose the deadline (end of October?).  I guess that people will catch
> up, anyway.

If possible I would prefer the middle of October, but depends on the 
feedback. As a matter of fact we already suggested september as deadline 
to the maintainers, so they should not find it too short.

I have modified a former draft for notification of the proximity of the 
deadline. I commited the modified document to the staging area as 
www/staging-area/ANNOUNCE.pre-final2 and also attached it to this 
document. I finally put the BTS procedure there since I rather prefer to 
deal with non reponsive maintainers trough the BTS normal mechanisms 
than through personal mail, but that is still open for discussion. 
Please take a look at that draft and modify as appropiate.



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Hi all,

Hot news from the dictionaries-common project: The transition=20
will start soon, although it will be delayed to October.
The exact date is still to be confirmed but expect some date
in the middle of October.

This is a tentative roadmap for the transition:

  1) At the deadline, a bug with severity wishlist is filed against=20
     all ispell dictionaries and wordlist packages (IDWP). At that=20
     time all IDWP can be uploaded to Debian, *closing* their=20
     associated bug.

  2) Some days after that deadline dictionaries-common packages are
     uploaded to debian. They need some more days to make its place=20
     in the global override file.

  3) As soon as dictionaries-common packages are accepted bug=20
     severity is raised to serious for all IDWP still not uploaded.

  4) Time for NMU if required=20

In about one week deadline will be confirmed, so there is time to=20
receive your feedback.

If you expect not being able to upload your package(s) short=20
after the deadline we could do that on your behalf. That would=20
help us to coordinate the transition. The same if you prefer the=20
package currently at sourceforge be uploaded by us with minor=20
changes, but remember that this requires your prior agreement=20
with the packages currently at sourceforge. In any case, if you=20
have trouble, please contact us through the dict-common-dev mailing=20
list, so we know you are not MIA.

If the package at sourceforge was not built by you, and you decide=20
to prepare the package from that one, please remember removing in=20
the control file the 'Bugs:' line and the notes about the=20
experimental character of the package and make sure that the=20
'Maintainer' field has the appropiate value.

In the meantime, please test the system as much as you can. There=20
are surely some hidden bugs, and we will find some more after the=20
transition starts, but the most we find before the better. Remember=20
that we have at the sourceforge staging area packages for nearly=20
all old style ispell dictionary and wordlist packages (there is=20
some very new one that might not be there).

As we previously told, please do not upload any old=20
style ispell dictionary or wordlist packages to Debian in the=20
meantime. That will confuse the transition. Also let us know=20
whether you will not be ready at the transition time, and in such=20
case, what can we do with respect to your packages. Note that=20
after the new ispell and dictionaries-common are uploaded to Debian=20
all previous ispell dictionaries and wordlists will become=20

If you are still not subscribed to the dict-common-dev mailing list at=20
sourceforge, that is the best way to get in touch with us and discuss=20
the final details of the transition.

Remember that the project page is at:


Your dictionaries-common team:

Rafael Laboissi=E8re,
David Coe,
Agust=EDn Mart=EDn Domingo