[Dict-common-dev] Re: dictionaries-common system and new aspell passing to testing this weekend

Agustin Martin Domingo agmartin@aq.upm.es
Tue, 29 Apr 2003 20:28:52 +0200

Anthony Towns wrote:
> Right -- the testing scripts need some hand holding to cope when multiple
> packages have to progress into testing simultaneously. Look for a "recur:
> ispell" line -- if there's one, that means "ispell" is getting the hand
> holding treatment, and the following "endloop:" line will tell you what
> problems still need fixing. There should be such a line when tomorrow's
> testing run completes, which'll be in, say, 18 hours from now, probably.
> FWIW, last time this was tried one or two of the i<foo> packages
> weren't ready to move along (ie, they were listed as "Not considered"
> in update_excuses).

Thanks for the info, Anthony

Browsing the last results, for the different source packages,

* rus-ispell has recently been uploaded and is still too young (my
   fault, my testing box already had all the new stuff and I did not
   realized that ispell did not pass to testing, so I sponsored it)

* ispellcat, ispell-da, ispell-fo and dutch are still waiting for new
   aspell, but otherwise seem ready.

* norwegian is also waiting for aspell and out of date in arm (Using sed
   made it need a lot of hours to build in all arches, changing to ssed
   made it fail only in arm. sed really needs a fix for #65458)

* new aspell seems to be ready, but there is also a complex
   dependency on all aspell dictionaries, since the aspell hash format is
   changed and needs to conflict with the old dicts.

The problem with aspell is presumably the same as with ispell, and I 
guess will need the same treatment (by the way, aspell maintaner reads 
the dict-common mailing list as well as do I)