[Dict-common-dev] MySpell hyphenation patterns

Fabrice Lorrain (home) fabrice.lorrain@chello.fr
Sun, 18 Jan 2004 19:12:38 +0100

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Rene Engelhard a écrit :
> Hi,
> Fabrice Lorrain (home) wrote:
>>I installed the *-gut dictionnaries. Seems to works well both in OOo and 
>>Mozilla (sid box uptodate). Do you plan to upload soon ?
>>whishlist : removing the conflict between the gutemberg and the 
>>not-gutemberg version, so people can test/use both.
> I am afraid; this is not possible at all.

You meant "This is not possible at all, yet" ;-)

More seriously, what is not possible ? To have several dictionaries for 
the same language ?

If that's the case, how to handle specialized/professional
dictionaries ?
For examples :
- Names/Forenames
- Geographic places
- medical vocabulary (Some people is working on that in d-med).
- jurist vocabulary etc...