[Dict-common-dev] MySpell hyphenation patterns

Nicolas Sabouret Nicolas.Sabouret@lip6.fr
Mon, 19 Jan 2004 10:08:15 +0100

Fabrice Lorrain (home) a =E9crit :
> I installed the *-gut dictionnaries. Seems to works well both in OOo an=
> Mozilla (sid box uptodate). Do you plan to upload soon ?

Hi. I uploaded last tuesday. However, it'll take time to enter the queue=20
  since there are new packages !

> whishlist : removing the conflict between the gutemberg and the=20
> not-gutemberg version, so people can test/use both.

That's a very old wish I also had. However, as Rene said, it is not very=20
easy to implement if we want to have the dict to work "out of the box"=20
with all software.

Sorry :-(

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