[Dict-common-dev] New Hunspell/MySpell policy for lenny - Discussion / final try

Rene Engelhard rene.engelhard at gmx.de
Wed Dec 20 16:29:05 CET 2006

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[ Sorry for the last mails. I apparently need caffeine.... What also was
broken in the last mails was the Reply-To (cut'n'waste...), so please
use *this* one and reply to all please. ]

[ CC'ing all apps/libraries deling with Myspell/Hunspell, not the
individual myspell-* packagers, that would bloat To/Cc: up unnecessarily ]


beginning with lenny I'd like to fix the MySpell/Hunspell mess (see
http://lists.debian.org/debian-release/2006/12/msg00142.html if you
don't know what I speak of) and fix the fact that even OpenOffice.orgs
thesauri and hyphenation patterns are currently in /usr/share/myspell/dicts...

I propose the following:

- - /usr/share/myspell (without dicts/(!) analogous to hspell and aspell)
  containing all MySpell dictionaries. Mozilla *s/Ice*s symlink needs to
  be changed to point to this unless they change to hunspell..

Question: Should we keep it still? Or not just remove it when all
MySpell-using apps/libs switched tu Hunspell (which then look
in /usr/share/hunspell, see below)

- - /usr/share/hunspell contains all Hunspell dictionaries, MySpell
  packages contain symlinks to the myspell dir there since Myspell
  dictionaries are 100% compatible with Hunspell. When the Mozilla*/Ice*
  in question uses hunspell the link should point here. enchant should
  rebuild with matching --with-myspell-dir.

In both cases the dictionaries should only be there in xx-YY (or xx, for
some cases where this currently also is necessary) form,
Mozilla doesn't regognize the _ and just shows them uselessly, where it
also shows the - ones and this mostly with a proper title (like
English/USA). OOo doesn't care about the name at all and if you would
want to keep the _ you could name the symlink (see next paragraph)

Question: Should Hunspell dicts and MySpell dicts for the same language
still conflict? Or should there only be a symlink from the hunspell to
the myspell directory if there only is myspell dictionary available?

- - The OOo info files now get into a new directory
  (/usr/share/openoffice/share/dict/ooo maybe which would probably not
  need much fiddling in OOo after all (OOo excpects the dicts/)
  The info files for OOo should now be installed here; in
  /usr/share/openoffice/share/dict/ooo/info or even in ooo itself since
  OOo only regognizes what is defined in dictionary.lst).
  MySpell and Hunspell dictionaries should have a symlink from here
  pointing to /usr/share/myspell or /usr/share/hunspell.
  OpenOffice.org Thesauri and Hyphenation patterns are installed into
  this location with their "normal" files and registered with the info
  file. Of course, update-openoffice-dicts needs to be changed for this.

  dictionary.lst there is a symlink to /etc/openoffice/dictionary.lst
  which stays the same.

Of course this plan needs appropriate conflicts/depends worked out for
preventing upgrades breaking and need some updates in the DSDT policy
and dictionaries-commons scripts and in the various affected packages
but it should be doable - with appropriate RC bugs and NMUing of
myspell packages if necessary.



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