[Dict-common-dev] New Hunspell/MySpell policy for lenny - Discussion / final try

Agustin Martin agustin.martin at hispalinux.es
Sun Dec 24 20:46:12 CET 2006

On Wed, Dec 20, 2006 at 04:29:05PM +0100, Rene Engelhard wrote:
> - /usr/share/myspell (without dicts/(!) analogous to hspell and aspell)
>   containing all MySpell dictionaries. Mozilla *s/Ice*s symlink needs to
>   be changed to point to this unless they change to hunspell..
> Question: Should we keep it still? Or not just remove it when all
> MySpell-using apps/libs switched tu Hunspell (which then look
> in /usr/share/hunspell, see below)> 
> - /usr/share/hunspell contains all Hunspell dictionaries, MySpell
>   packages contain symlinks to the myspell dir there since Myspell
>   dictionaries are 100% compatible with Hunspell. When the Mozilla*/Ice*
>   in question uses hunspell the link should point here. enchant should
>   rebuild with matching --with-myspell-dir.

What the Ice/Moz people intend for the future? If every myspell app is
moving to hunspell, I would avoid the intermediate /usr/share/myspell step
and move every myspell dict to /usr/share/hunspell once this happens, unless
there is already a real hunspell dict available, where myspell dict package
should just be removed. In the meantime conflicts and symlinks are OK.

> In both cases the dictionaries should only be there in xx-YY (or xx, for
> some cases where this currently also is necessary) form,

Agreed here, even as something to be done as of etch+1day.

> Mozilla doesn't regognize the _ and just shows them uselessly, where it
> also shows the - ones and this mostly with a proper title (like
> English/USA). OOo doesn't care about the name at all and if you would
> want to keep the _ you could name the symlink (see next paragraph)
> appropriately.
> Question: Should Hunspell dicts and MySpell dicts for the same language
> still conflict? Or should there only be a symlink from the hunspell to
> the myspell directory if there only is myspell dictionary available?

This depends. If myspell and hunspell dicts are to coexist in different
places because there are apps that require one of them, and that is not to
vanish in a reasonably near future, we can either make them conflict
or plan a symlink based stuff at e.g. /var/lib/hunspell pointing to
/usr/share/hunspell dicts or, if unavailable for that language, to
the equivalent /usr/share/myspell dict.  hunspell should look for dicts

But we again need to know if there will be a need for standalone myspell
dict packages.

> - The OOo info files now get into a new directory
>   (/usr/share/openoffice/share/dict/ooo maybe which would probably not
>   need much fiddling in OOo after all (OOo excpects the dicts/)
>   The info files for OOo should now be installed here; in
>   /usr/share/openoffice/share/dict/ooo/info or even in ooo itself since
>   OOo only regognizes what is defined in dictionary.lst).

I would not go that deep for the infos. Since they are Debian only,
something like /usr/share/ooo/infos should suffice. I am not proposing
something under /var/lib/dictionaries-common as for other dicts since this
also covers theraurus and hyphenation patterns.


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