[Foo2zjs-maintainer] Introducing debconf

me at lucabedogni.it me at lucabedogni.it
Fri Aug 3 21:53:54 UTC 2007

Hi mates
    since I have some spare time, i decided to wrote a first revision of a
debconf script for installing the firmware.
It's based on debconf, and it's now present on the svn.
It's a little bit raw i think, need more testing of course, and works only
for Hp Lj 10xx (i don't have others printers to test it, but it won't work
anyway :)).

So, this is just and idea, if we want debconf, we can improve this
scripts, and test it putting a new package in exprimental.
If we don't want debconf, we can delete this files, but had to find
another way to fix #419038.


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