reglookup failed build

Christophe Monniez christophe.monniez at
Mon Jul 13 07:02:08 UTC 2009

Hi all,

the reglookup package failed to build.
(see the build log here :

It seems that's related to this rule :
$(MAKE) OPTS="-std=gnu89 -pedantic -lm -Wall -ggdb" INC="-I/usr/include
-I$(CURDIR)/include" LIB="-L/usr/lib"

that produce this on the build system :
gcc -g -O2 -std=gnu89 -pedantic -lm -Wall -ggdb -I/usr/include
-I/home/buildd/include -c -o regfi.o regfi.c

where '-I/home/buildd/include' is not good and should be something like

So maybe I shoud define a variable for this include dir earlier in the
debian/rules ?

Can someone give me an advice here ?

Christophe Monniez <christophe.monniez at>
Belgian Federal Computer Crime Unit

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