reglookup failed build

Tim tim-projects at
Mon Jul 13 16:51:30 UTC 2009

Hi Christophe,

> the reglookup package failed to build.

In recent versions of reglookup, I did away with the:
  #include "../include/regfi.h"

junky include lines in .c files and added include directory to the
search path with a Makefile line like:

INC:=-I$(PWD)/include -I/usr/local/include 

So it's expected that $(PWD) will evaluate to the directory that the
top-level Makefile is located in.  Maybe this was a bad choice...
Perhaps I should be executing pwd?  Ultimately, the main reglookup
include directory just needs to be included with a -I... argument.  If
you have a suggested change that would help you avoid patching the
Makefile in the future, let me know and I can add it for the next


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