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Michael Prokop mika at debian.org
Thu Sep 10 21:27:27 UTC 2009

* Tiago Bortoletto Vaz <tiago at debian-ba.org> [20090910 22:58]:
> On Thu, Sep 10, 2009 at 09:46:13AM +0200, Michael Prokop wrote:
> > * Tiago Bortoletto Vaz <tiago at debian-ba.org> [20090910 05:34]:

> > > dget http://edvac.debianbrasil.org/~tiagovaz/ed2k-hash_0.3.3-1.dsc

> > % lintian -IE ../ed2k-hash_0.3.3-1_i386.changes
> > W: ed2k-hash source: ancient-libtool admin/ltconfig

> I'm keeping in touch with upstream to solve this soon. However, I think it's
> not a blocker issue for the first upload. I prefer trying to push it as it is
> than patching now.

That's fine for me.

> > You're using cdbs whereas the debian forensics team decided to use
> > plain debhelper only, see
> > http://lists.alioth.debian.org/pipermail/forensics-devel/2008-February/000013.html
> > I'd prefer if ed2k-hash would use debhelper as well.

> Using dh now.

% grep Build-Depends debian/control
Build-Depends: debhelper (>= 7), cdbs, autotools-dev, automake

> > If you fix those issues we could integrate ed2k-hash into the
> > debian-forensic project and I'd sponsor the package for you.

> Thanks! Please have a look on it (same address above) and feel free to import
> to debian-forensic repository. You can change the needed fields in control or
> anything you may want. I ask you just to let myself as uploader.

Further investigation in debian/copyright:

| This is ed2k-hash, packaged by Tiago Bortoletto Vaz <tiago at debian-ba.org> on
| Sex Ago 28 23:14:54 BRT 2009
Please don't use local settings but instead use a timestamp that
non-brazilian(?) users understand as well. ;)

| The source used for this package can be found at:
|        http://edvac.debianbrasil.org/~tiagovaz/

Please provide upstream's URL, same for debian/watch.
(Your intention to get rid of debian/ from upstream is fine, though
that's not relevant for copyright information.)


| Other's GPL/LGPL sources used in ed2k-hash
| ==========================================
|  * Copyright holder: Free Software Foundation
|  * Files:
|            - acinclude.m4
|            - aclocal.m4
|            - admin/ltcf-gcj.sh
|            - admin/ltcf-c.sh
|            - admin/ylwrap
|            - admin/ltcf-cxx.sh
|            - admin/missing
|            - admin/depcomp
|            - admin/acinclude.m4.in
|            - admin/ltconfig
|            - admin/ltconfig
|            - configure
|            - libtool

IMHO that's an unusual format. ;) In the debian-forensics team we
usually use the Machine-readable debian/copyright, see

But much more import: what about for example admin/am_edit and
admin/debianrules? Are you sure all the KDE stuff is needed?

In debian/README.Debian you write:

| Tim-Philipp Müller has agreed to deliver ed2k_hash without the ./debian soon.
| So, while he doesn't release this new tarball in sourceforge I'll use my own to
| build ed2k_hash package. The only difference between them is that mine has no
| ./debian directory inside.

Though this doesn't look true to me:

% tar ztf ed2k-hash_0.3.3.orig.tar.gz | grep debian

And IMHO the CVS stuff should disappear from the tarball as well.

Thanks for your work.

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