Debian Forensic IRC meeting, 2011-12-03 - meeting notes

Michael Prokop mika at
Sat Dec 3 23:56:33 UTC 2011


thanks everyone for attending the Debian Forensic IRC meeting.
The meeting took place from 21:00 until 00:42 CET, with 6 people
attending overall.

If you couldn't attend the meeting but want to help at any of the
issues mentioned, have further things to add or any questions please
let us know.

Report from the meeting

Debian Forensics meeting at FOSDEM 2012
- Christophe Monniez, Julien, Mika and Henri Salo (if possible)
  plan to attend
  -> meeting to be scheduled

Packaging of libbfio (
- Julien will fill ITP
- lessyv will help in packaging related questions
  -> call for testing once someone is ready

libpff will be reviewed and uploaded by Mika

libewf2-alpha will be packaged by Mika
- will ask upstream (Joachim Metz) about versioning schema and ETA
  for stable release
  -> call for feedback and testing then

reglookup will be updated by Christophe Monniez
- Adian will update reglookup trunk with build changes
  submitted by Adam Golebiowski of PLD Linux
- Mika will help in packaging (scons & CO)

afflib will be updated to 3.6.15 by Christophe Monniez

Guymager version 0.6.2 will be handled by Mika

Mika and fgeek will work on pytsk

Mika will work on Registry Decoder
- depends on python-pyregfi which needs to be packaged too,

Christophe will provide mailing list moderation password to Mika

Mika will work on Continuous Integration Debian package builds

Christophe will fill ITP and update packaging of aimage 3.1
so it can re-enter Debian

Maintainer notes should be updated and officially provided
- could be based on

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