Debian Forensic IRC meeting, 2011-12-03 - meeting notes

Tim tim-forensics at
Sun Dec 4 01:30:10 UTC 2011

Thanks for the helpful meeting guys.  

> reglookup will be updated by Christophe Monniez
> - Adian will update reglookup trunk with build changes
>   submitted by Adam Golebiowski of PLD Linux
> - Mika will help in packaging (scons & CO)

I've attached a patch of my changes to the base SConstruct file.  
It does 3 things:
- Adds some link flags and sets the regfi library soname
- Adds environment variables to set various installation paths,
  including a fake root path
- Only executes ldconfig if the install runs as uid 0

Hopefully that will address some of the issues you've had in previous
attempts to package the newer reglookup versions.

I also wanted to mention that pyregfi supports both python 2.7+ and
python 3.  I don't know what the normal way to package libraries that
do this.  Clearly the combinations of dependencies and build order can
be complex, so it may require two separate packages (or virtual
packages?), one for each version, so that downstream applications can
depend on the version of the library they want without pulling in a
version of Python that they don't.

It might be helpful to schedule another IRC chat session for a time
when you guys plan on working on the reglookup packaging so I can be
immediately available to help out.

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