state of reglookup, developer IRC meeting?

Elías Alejandro ealmdz at
Fri Oct 28 14:50:03 UTC 2011

Hi all,

2011/10/27 Michael Prokop <mika at>

> Hi,
> Elías Alejandro did work on the reglookup package (thanks!), but it
> seems not to be uploaded yet. Is there anything specific outstanding?
Since Tim probably incorporate those patches for the next release, I wonder
if we can hope by it, or apply those patches directly.

> I think it would be worth the effort to schedule a developer meeting
> on IRC where members of the Debian Forensics team meet online to
> discuss pending issues, coordinate work and discuss the roadmap,
> like the issues ones Christophe mentioned in his recent mail[1].
> How about that? Maybe the ones of you who would consider joining
> such a meeting could write what days and times would be their
> prefered choice, so I get a feeling and could start with scheduling
> such a meeting. Please just drop me a short message on IRC or via
> personal mail.

I'm agree. btw I'm elias in irc.


Elías Alejandro
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