Forensics metapackage

Giovani Ferreira giovani at
Wed Nov 18 01:36:54 UTC 2015

Hi all,

On 13-11-2015 08:13, Eriberto wrote:

> 1. forensics-kit, forensics-all or similar.

forensics-all is a good name.

> 2. Native package to avoid to maintain the code as upstream outside of Debian.

In my preliminary tests, I considered the native package too.

> 3. Don't add libraries and other packages that are dependencies.
> 4. Use a script to auto create a debian/control.NEW. You can fish
> information from QA page.
> 5. In long description, quote the word 'forensics' and all names of
> the all packages to be installed.
> This is a very easy package, I think.

I think so too.

Any help is welcome, thanks for considerations.


Giovani Ferreira
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