Retirement of rifiuti

Eriberto Mota eriberto at
Sun Jul 31 01:54:08 UTC 2016

Hi Markus,

Thanks for your message.

I don't know if rifiuti can be removed now. Is rifiuti2 a full and
mature repacement for rifiuti? Can someone say about it?

The 0.7.0 version is an initial draft only (not released yet).



2016-07-24 13:48 GMT-03:00 Dr. Markus Waldeck <waldeck at>:
> Dear Debian Forensics Maintainers,
> I wonder why rifiuti which was updated the last time over 12 (!) years ago is still provided
> while the successor rifiuti2 is also packaged.
> Thanks!
> PS: rifiuti2 version 0.7.0 is available.
> Dr. Markus Waldeck
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