Retirement of rifiuti

waldeck at waldeck at
Sun Jul 31 12:15:12 UTC 2016

Hi Eriberto,

thanks for your feedback!

>I  don't know if rifiuti can be removed now. Is rifiuti2 a full and
> mature repacement for rifiuti? Can someone say about it?

Comparing the man pages
tells me that rifiuti has only one command line option which is also present in rifiuti2.

Popcon says that both packages have little bit over 100 users (which allow the participation in popcon):

The most efficient way would be to notify the existing rifiuti users (e.g. thru a update of the package) 
about the existence of rifiuti2 and to ask them to retest their use cases with rifiuti2.
Provide also concise deadline (like 2016-12-31).
In the case that there are not complaints or severe bugreports rifiuti will be retired.



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