[Freewx-maint] Bug#868042: poedit: Texts become right-aligned after upgrade onto poedit2

Gianfranco Costamagna locutusofborg at debian.org
Fri Jul 14 07:14:54 UTC 2017

Hello Olly,

>I'm already working on an update to

wonderful, thanks!
>A transition to gtk3 will need a lot of preparation, so it doesn't make
>sense to block uploading a new upstream for that.

as you wish, I don't think this bug is serious enough BTW, people can live with it :)
>That's not a "hack", and we can only drop it if we're making an
>incompatible ABI change, which it isn't yet clear if a switch to
>gtk3 would entail.

sure, indeed, but I was talking more about the webview switch for boinc :)

anyway, with all the bugfixes in 3.0.3 less defer the (eventual) transition
for 3.1, right?



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