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Please find attached the minutes of the last meeting. Sorry to be a bit

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		GNU/kFreeBSD IRC meeting, July 31, 2005

The third Debian GNU/kFreeBSD meeting was held from 19:00 UTC to 21:00
UTC on Saturday July 31th.

Due to the holidays of lot of developers, the next meeting will take 
place in *three* weeks, on Sunday August 21st at 19:00 UTC.


People mentioned:
  aurel32: 	Aurelien Jarno
  bal00:	Hector Garcia
  braindmg:	Guillem Jover
  nyu:		Robert Millan
  otavio:	Otavio Salvador
  tarzeau:	Gürkan Sengün

1) nyu explained that x.org is almost totally ported for -5, except a
   tiny patch for manifest. He would try to merge the patch before the
   next upload of xorg.

2) otavio announced that he would help to port debian-installer to 
   GNU/kFreeBSD. To start the port, we basically need deboostrap
   working, that means we need to have a complete base system in
   unstable. Here is the list of packages that have to be ported: 
    - freebsd-utils (it is getting smaller, but there is still a lot of
      stuff in this package)
    - procps (it is basically ported, but there is some problems
      dealing with the maintainer)
    - glibc (port to 2.3.5 in progress, maybe we can use version 2.3 at
      the beginning)
    - busybox (nyu will try to port it during its holidays)
    - apt (otavio will try to merge the patch needed for kfreebsd)
    - dpkg (upload is pending)
    - ufsutils (upload to unstable is pending, udebs have to be created).
   We also need to have a kernel that fits onto a floppy, which means
   that a lot of stuff has to be put as modules. This also mean that 
   hardware detection should work on GNU/kFreeBSD.
   Parted has also to be ported to be able to partition the hard disks.

3) braindmg has splitted the pool on gnuab.org. There is now one pool 
   for hurd-i386, one for kfreebsd-i386, and one for knetbsd-i386. That
   makes now possible to upload .all.deb packages, and thus the packages
   have now to be built with -b. That's already case for the 
   braindmg expects that it will soon be possible to also have 
   binary-all-only packages in gnuab, so that the kfreebsd-i386 could be
   self contained. He is also working on auto-obsoleting the old 
   versions of the packages.

4) nyu made a pair of nice improvements in livecd.sh, ie. cdboot and 
   writable filesystem. He asked for more people to test it. When the
   crosshurd bug (#319778) is solved, it will be possible to release
   a new version of the livecd.

5) braindmg will upload ufsutils to unstable soon, and will then add
   support for udebs.

6) A few work is still need to libbsd before braindmg or bal00 would
   upload it to unstable. It includes splitting the header files and 
   checking if nothing else is missing.

7) aurel32 explained the new kfreebsd-5 package is now in a good state
   and it will be possible to upload it to unstable soon. otavio asked
   if the package also provides udebs for debian-installer. 
   aurel32 answers that it is currently not the case, and we need to
   decide if the udebs has to be build by this package or by another
   package getting its source from kfreebsd-source-5.3.

8) aurel32 said he has almost finished to setup io.debian.net, the Debian
   developer machine that will be hosted by ETH Zürich. He expects to 
   ship it to tarzeau on tuesday. When it is installed, we will have to
   send a mail to debian-devel-announce that also includes some propaganda
   a about GNU/kFreeBSD.

9) aurel32 explained he hasn't done much work on glibc, because he worked
   on the debian developer machine and on the autobuilder.

New action points
* nyu:			port busybox
* braindmg:		upload ufsutils to unstable

Opened action points
* aurel32:		rebuild all packages that are still using 
* braindmg:		work on util-linux
* aurel32:		add java support to gcc
* braindmg:		send a status of the port to debian-devel
* aurel32:		finish porting glibc-2.3.5
* aurel32 & braindmg:	fix our packages that are modifying 
                        build-depends at build time
* somebody:		port libkvm in a clean manner

Closed action points

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