Minutes of GNU/kFreeBSD IRC meeting 20050716

Aurelien Jarno aurelien at aurel32.net
Sun Jul 24 22:15:44 UTC 2005

		GNU/kFreeBSD IRC meeting, July 16, 2005

The third Debian GNU/kFreeBSD meeting was held from 19:00 UTC to 19:55
UTC on Saturday July 16th.

The next meeting will take place on Sunday July 31th at 19:00 UTC.


People mentioned:
  aurel32: 	Aurelien Jarno
  bal00:	Hector Garcia
  braindmg:	Guillem Jover
  nyu:		Robert Millan

1) bal00 has finished porting pfctl and will start with authpf. He will 
   then make a package, but libbsd has to be packaged first.

2) aurel32 explained that he has finished to update gcc-3.3 and gcc-3.4. 
   Java and ADA are disabled for all versions of gcc on kfreebsd. 
   Porting has to be done before trying to reenable them.

3) aurel32 has spoken with Goto Masanori at Debconf 5, and he agrees to 
   include our glibc patches in the Debian package. aurel32 will 
   continue working on glibc 2.3.5.

4) aurel32 and braindmg have spoken with James Troup about the inclusion
   of Debian GNU/kFreeBSD in the Debian archive. He basically agrees, 
   but it would be only possible after the SCC split, which should 
   occurs in one month and a half.

5) aurel32 said that when kfreebsd will be an official port, it won't be 
   possible to have modified source packages into the archive. That means
   we should have the whole toolchain built from unmodified package 
   sources. bal00 told we could fill RC bugs against packages that need
   patches, but unfortunately has it is not a release architecture, it
   won't be possible. nyu added that we need to decide whether having an 
   official package in debian depending on a "tainted" package (i.e. 
   either unreleased, or a package that in turn depends on tainted one) 
   has a detrimental effect on the distribution.

6) nyu explained that he ported libkvm just because gdb needs it, but he
   didn't port it right and introduced a lots of dirty hacks. The entire 
   patch needs to be reviewed before using it for anything serious thing.

New action points
* somebody:		port libkvm in a clean manner

Opened action points
* aurel32:		rebuild all packages that are still using 
* braindmg:		work on util-linux
* aurel32:		add java support to gcc
* braindmg:		send a status of the port to debian-devel
* aurel32:		finish porting glibc-2.3.5
* aurel32 & braindmg:	fix our packages that are modifying 
                        build-depends at build time

Closed action points
* aurel32:		get the out-of-date packages down to 220 
                        by 20050611

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