parallel booting init in C - even larger speedup

Olivier Sessink lists at
Mon Nov 14 08:51:19 UTC 2005

Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> Thank you.  I finally found time to look at it.  I managed to get it
> running, but had to patch it slightly to get it working and avoid a
> few compile warnings.
> What is the license of this source?  GPL would be nice.

haven't really decided, modified BSD or GPL would be fine

> I did not measure the boot speed, so I do not know if this speeded up
> the boot or not.  I hope to get to that soonish.

there more programs you start with the same order number, the more
speedup you can expect from the parallel start.

> Here is the patch.
>  - add clean target to makefile, and a few more warning flags.
>  - convert to unsigned to signed int before comparing it to signed int.
>  - enable some debug output, to figure out what is going on.
>  - allow short circuiting the start scripts when moving from runlevel
>    S too.
>  - handle non-existing previous runlevel a bit better.

will merge that with my code. Do you think the code is interesting
enough to move it to a public cvs/svn service?


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