SoC boot project weekly summary week #6/14

Carlos Villegas Carlos.Villegas at
Sat Jul 8 21:47:17 UTC 2006

Hi, the main issues treated during this sixth week of the debian boot
project were:

+ The Deliverable 2 was published(1). There is presented a comparison 
between the boot process of the debian releases from woody to sid. We 
mainly compare the boot times. Besides, the first hotspots are 
investigated with their corresponding effect on the boot time. Comments 
will be greatly appreciated.

+ Using the released script to check lsb compliance(2), the init scripts 
with missing lsb headers were identified and 12 bug reports were made. 
And three of them were solved. The bugs reported are:
-alsa-utils #375388 		(Solved)
-udev #375389 			(No answer)
-acpid script #376778 		(No answer)
-atd script #376780		(No answer)
-bittorrent script #376944	(No answer)
-exim4 script #376953 		(Contact)
-hotkey-setup script #376955	(No answer)
-inetd script #376956 		(No answer)
-kdm script #376958		(No answer)
-lpr script #376960 		(No answer)
-makedev script #376992 	(Solved)
-nfs-common script #376976 	(Solved).
A summary of the bug reports with missing lsb headers can be found in 
the project webpage in (3)

+ We've raised the issue of some scripts missing dependencies in the 
bootclean init script and the missing Should-Start dependency of in the sysvinit-devel mailing list (No answer)

For this 7th week it is planned to do:

+ a modified version of the script to check lsb compliance was used to 
create the webpage with the lsb-compliance status of the initscripts 
(3). It associates every script with the corresponding resported bug. DONE

+ a guide for maintainers for creating init script with LSB compliance 
in (4).

+ the latter two points constitute the Deliverable 5. (Deliverable 3 is 
still to be done) The timetable will be modified to place Deliverable 5 
(D5) before D3 and D4.

+ implement the remaining hotspots focusing on preloading

Awaiting for your comments,




Carlos Villegas
Hamilton Institute
NUIM, Maynooth, Co. Kildare
Tel: +353 1 708 6458
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