LSB-compliant init-scripts as release goal.

Gustavo Franco gustavorfranco at
Sun Jul 9 00:57:11 UTC 2006

On 7/8/06, martin f krafft <madduck at> wrote:
> also sprach Gustavo Franco <gustavorfranco at> [2006.07.08.2126 +0200]:
> > - Contact the release team with the proposal below
> No, please schedule this for after etch and use the time to help
> actually releasing etch. There are too many RC bugs, LSB init script
> compliance is a low priority.
> My 2¢.

I can use my time to do both, and that's what i'm doing. Sometimes
it's hard to figure out because i don't like to participate on these
Debian "mailing list parties " (aka: flamewars). I don't think there
are too many RC bugs, and it seems that the release team schedule
looks sane until now. I'm asking for some more work towards Etch not
new gratuitous RC bugs.

Anyway, i think you're suggesting to throw out SELinux support and LSB
3.1 compliance for Etch, right ? Based on Carlos' progress (as i cited
in my first message), we should put some effort to deliver a better
Etch with the current schedule. I don't think it will be possible to
SELinux and probably other pet release goals thought.

-- stratus

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