SoC boot project weekly summary week #4/14

Gustavo Franco gustavorfranco at
Thu Jun 22 13:40:43 UTC 2006

On 6/22/06, Carlos Villegas <Carlos.Villegas at> wrote:
> (...)
> On the other hand, perhaps I should concentrate on implementing the
> hotspots and the lintian/LSB compliance checking.

Hi Carlos,

Really appreciated, IMHO.

> For the next week I originally propose to:
> + substitute /bin/sh with dash.

It was discussed in -devel, i don't think we will do this for Etch,
check the thread there, please. Of course you're free to do tests and
tell us the results, btw.

> + work with a script to check scripts for lintian/LSB compliance.

Sounds interesting really, but don't forget to contact the lintian
maintainers through our bug tracking system sending them patches,

> + test parallel execution (with startpar) with the current scripts.

I did this using 'shell' in a default Debian testing default desktop
environment[0] (installed using weekly built images, with desktop i
mean our desktop task).

> + test parallel execution (with startpar) and reoganizing scripts (with
> a program like insserv).

I did this too, same as above.

> + setup the network in the background


[0] =

-- stratus

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