proper handling of communication channels in debian

Fabrice LORRAIN debfab at
Wed Apr 18 20:44:26 UTC 2007


 From [1] you can currently read [2] which is stating the following :

"This BoF comes out from several ideas posted in Planet Debian by Erich 
Schubert, Sven Müller, Joachim Breitner, Mike Homey and myself (so far)."

Hmmm, this should really had come out as "THis BoF comes out from 
several ideas posted in the initscripts-ng-devel list by etc....".

Blogging about technical point concerning debian is cutting everybody from :
- archives = memory
- participating

A cut&paste of what has been aggregate on planet.d.o in the wiki would 
be nice(. Some answers on private blog where interresting to.



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