BoF Protocol

Sven Mueller debian at
Tue Jun 12 20:01:32 UTC 2007

Joachim Breitner schrieb:
> I have put up the notes from the BoF at
> Comments welcome. I’ll start creating some code here soon, I’ll keep you
> updated. People who want to help hacking are _very_ welcome.

The consensus on wether scripts are generated at build or install time
isn't very clear. Does "workstation side" mean the install time generation?

Regarding the features that should be supported, while I agree that
"restart" can easily be done by stop+start, reload should be supported
wherever possible. Be it by specifying a signal (which probably needs a
way to find the actual daemon's PID if start is done by a short script
fragment) or by touching a special file (yes, I have seen the later on
several occasions, especially when the "daemon" is written in a script
language, including shell). However, if the metainit tools allow
overriding the generated script by an init-system specific script, a
simple signal should suffice.

generated files are deleted when exactly? the sentence on the wiki page
doesn't make sense to me. I suspect you meant to delete generated files
for an init system when the init system is removed or purged and all
generated files from a package when the package is removed or purged.
Right? Does the meta init system always generate all scripts for all
supported init systems or just for those currently installed?


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