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Rene Mayrhofer rene.mayrhofer at
Tue Jun 12 20:10:54 UTC 2007

On Dienstag, 12. Juni 2007 21:01, Sven Mueller wrote:
> Regarding the features that should be supported, while I agree that
> "restart" can easily be done by stop+start, reload should be supported
> wherever possible. 
I completely agree here. My interest in this discussion is (at the moment) 
mostly from the point of view of embedded network-type systems, where 
downtime should be avoided as far as possible. Reload is an important feature 
and should be supported (even if stop+start is quick, it will drop the 
internal state of the respective service).

PS: I am eager to use new (possibly upstart-based) init systems in Gibraltar 
as soon as we have something workable. This may provide some interesting 

with best regards,
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