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Am Mittwoch, den 13.06.2007, 11:35 +0200 schrieb Erich Schubert:
> > > Regarding the features that should be supported, while I agree that
> > > "restart" can easily be done by stop+start, reload should be supported
> > > wherever possible. Be it by specifying a signal (which probably needs a
> I in general agree with you on that one.
> However, to get the project going I'd start with a subset of the
> features; so I'd go with supporting restart=start+stop and
> reload=sighup or start+stop only for the first version.
> Once we have converted some packages over we'll probably have a
> clearer vision on the requirements.

I agree here. Let’s try to tackle the simple cases first, and add more
features later.

> Things like 'rndc' for bind or 'apache2ctl graceful' would of course
> be important to support at some point. But it's (to me) not yet clear
> whether we need to allow full shell snippets for the restart/reload
> actions, of if maybe a single command is sufficient.

Note that I do not think it is feasible or desirable to try to make this
system work for each and any deamon, and we always want to give the
maintainer the possibility to implement their own init scripts, so I
woudn’t worry too much about that now.

> Two more things I'm missing from the BoF 'features' list:
> - restart flag. Is the services meant to be respawned automatically.
> Many init scripts are single-shot, such as hwclock.

Currently, I’d like to focus on init scripts for daemons. Things like
hwclock, or anything running in runlevel S, probably want to write their
own init scripts, as they require more knowledge of how and when such
things are run by the init system.

> - is-installed, is-enabled check or something similar. Many packages
> currently use files in /etc/default where you can disable/enable the
> service; and pretty much every init script checks if the executable
> file is still available (because configfiles might remain; with
> respawning init systems this can be very annoying...).

The generated svs-v-init script would check if the binary exists. Other
generated scripts might have their own pre-check tests. I wonder if we
still want START= variables in /etc/default/*, isn’t the correct way to
disable daemons in sys-v-init to rename the symlinks from S??* to K??*?

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