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Erich Schubert erich.schubert at
Wed Jun 13 10:09:58 UTC 2007

> Note that I do not think it is feasible or desirable to try to make this
> system work for each and any deamon, and we always want to give the

I agree with you on that, but I'd like the system to be designed in an
'extensible' way somewhat.

For example, I'd not support "respawn" with sysvinit for now, and just
treat lines with the "respawn" keyword like "exec".

So I'd even add this keyword if there is only one choice for now, just
to keep the system easier to extend. I'd start with
exec/respawn/signal, and the first version will probably only support
"exec", treat "respawn" the same way as "exec" and ignore "signal".

> The generated svs-v-init script would check if the binary exists. Other
> generated scripts might have their own pre-check tests. I wonder if we
> still want START= variables in /etc/default/*, isn't the correct way to
> disable daemons in sys-v-init to rename the symlinks from S??* to K??*?

I think the famous 'symlink farm' of sysvinit has serious upgrade
issues, which is why so many packages use /etc/default/*
Some services (e.g. mpd, mpdscribble) also can't work without any
initial configuration anyway or are run as user applications by many
users and therefore shouldn't be started by default. It feels odd to
me to install them as "stop" commands then.

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