Sys-V-Init scripts from upstart files

Erich Schubert erich.schubert at
Wed Jun 13 12:06:31 UTC 2007

> I hope (but I think it is so), that this project doesn't need a
> specific (or new) init (init as PID=1) deamon.

No, we're trying to allow users to NOT use sysvinit as PID=1 more easily.

So it seems you really got the projects focus wrong: we're not
planning to replace sysvinit, nor are we just trying to unify our init
scripts but we're trying to make it easier to support other init
systems *as well*. That we in turn can clean up our init scripts is a
side effect (which will likely raise enough upgrade/transition

Note that there are serious benefits for having PID 1 monitor
services, which is why PID 1 should be the 'native' parent for all our
services (they might still have some wrapper around them handling
logging etc. but passing along monitoring).

It would be nice to have the policy stuff (runlevel switching,
dependencies) optionally outside of PID 1, but that should be left to
the users preference for init and the capabilities of that init

A side effect will be that users who don't need/want supervision can
just stick to the default sysvinit; users with higher supervision
requirements should be able to switch to a more powerful init (such as
minit, runit, upstart) easily.

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