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Petter Reinholdtsen pere at
Sun Apr 13 09:10:48 UTC 2008

[Michael Biebl]
> 1.)
> I checked the diffstat for copied lines:
> #	copied:     rcS.d/ -> rc0.d/
> #	copied:     rcS.d/S75sudo -> rc0.d/K06sudo
> #	copied:     rcS.d/S40networking -> rc0.d/K11networking
> #	copied:     rcS.d/ -> rc0.d/
> #	copied:     rcS.d/ -> rc1.d/
> #	copied:     rcS.d/S75sudo -> rc1.d/K06sudo
> #	copied:     rcS.d/ -> rc6.d/
> #	copied:     rcS.d/S75sudo -> rc6.d/K06sudo
> #	copied:     rcS.d/S40networking -> rc6.d/K11networking
> #	copied:     rcS.d/ -> rc6.d/

Had a closer look at these, and found that sudo got a buggy header
(#475821) while networking is correct changing start symlinks to stop
symlinks in rc0.d/ and rc6.d/.  The script should not
list any runlevels in Default-Stop, so this is a bug, though a
cosmetic one (not reported, require more than a simple patch to
fix). is also buggy (#475823) and should only
install in rcS.d/.  I also reported the issue with console-setup
(#475826).  Feel free to report such issues yourself if you find more
of them.  I do not want to be the bottleneck in this effort. :)

Again, thank you for discovering these issues.

> Hm, that doesn't explain though, why there are no priorities like
> 17,18 or 23 in rc2.d, or why the sequence numbers start at 15, or
> does it?

I am quite sure it explain it.  If not, you will have to read the
insserv source to explain to me why it does not.  I assume the
sequence numbers 1-14 are used in rcS.d/, and 17-18 and 23 are used in
one of the other runlevels or rcS.d/.  The inverse number might even
be used in the shutdown sequence, and thus lead to holes in the
startup sequence.  It all boils down to the way insserv work
internally, building only one dependency tree for all runlevels (both
startup and shutdown), and assigning sequence numbers using this tree.

> You mean a
>   Should-Start:
> in console-setup or alternatively a
>   X-Start-Before: console-setup
> in
> Does insserv support X-Start-Before?

Yes, that is what I mean, and insserv support both X-start-before and
X-stop-after now.

> Will you do that, should I do it?

I would prefer it if you did it.  Patches are most welcome. :)

Thank you very much for the patches.  All were useful.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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