problem with insserv and bootchart, bootlogd...

Frédéric BOITEUX fboiteux at
Fri Dec 12 12:31:35 UTC 2008


  Following the last message on debian-devel-announce, I've tested
insserv on a Debian Lenny system, to be able to start processes
concurrently, as some bootcharts done with bootchart package shown some
unused time during boot of my laptop (Thinkpad X31).

  I've installed it, and found some problems with sequencement of
some startup scripts in rc2 :

$ cd /etc/rc2.d/ && \ls S*
S01acpi-support    S01timidity   S02klogd          S03rsync
S01binfmt-support  S02acct       S02openbsd-inetd  S03system-tools-backends
S01bittorrent      S02acpid      S02spamassassin   S03wwwoffle
S01cpufrequtils    S02anacron    S02ssh            S04cups
S01fancontrol      S02atd        S02stop-bootlogd  S04gdm
S01hostapd         S02bootchart  S02xfs            S05laptop-mode
S01ifplugd         S02cron       S03avahi-daemon   S05rmnologin
S01rc.local        S02dbus       S03dhcdbd
S01sysfsutils      S02dnsmasq    S03hal
S01sysklogd        S02hddtemp    S03postfix

the stop-bootlogd and bootchat scripts are in step 02, instead of being
in the last one (05). About bootchart, it's already signaled in bug
491391, but I didn't find any valuable clue to correct this. The stop-bootlogd should also be at the end.
  There is a conflict between bootchart and stop-bootlogd dependencies
on rmlogin, and rmnologin depending of pseudo-task $all. I wonder if
this latter is a good choice, does rmnologin should depend on gdm
instead of being the last "service" started ? does gdm works before
rmnologin hasn't started ?

About the parallel start with CONCURRENCY variable, I wonder which are
the differences between 'shell' solution and 'startpar' ? the former
seems much simpler than the latter...

I've tried to look at dotty's dependencies graphes, but on my screen,
it's difficult to have a good view.

  Thanks for any tip about that,

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