Please test dependency based boot sequencing

Petter Reinholdtsen pere at
Thu Jan 10 23:19:52 UTC 2008

The dependency based boot sequencing is coming along quite well.  See
<URL:> for
status.  Several people are using it already in unstable, and it has
proven to boot. :)

There is unfortunately still quite a few packages missing dependency
information in their init.d scripts, and I have filed bug reports in
BTS for quite a few of them, but there is still a significant list of
packages left.  I very much welcome help with this work.

I track status in the insserv svn, available from
svn:// .  Run
debian/rules missing-overrides to extract the list of remaining
packages.  Here is the current list of scripts that need to be
reported to BTS.  The list of source packages and maintainers are
available from the status web page.  It is about 30% of the packages
with init.d scripts.

  Init.d scripts missing overrides and BTS reports:         236

    anon-proxy aprsd apt-proxy arpwatch atm ax25spyd bacula-director
    bacula-fd bacula-sd bastille-firewall battery-stats binkd bird bld
    blinkd blootbot bnetd bootparamd bopm bpalogin buildbot capisuite
    capiutils caudium cfsd clamsmtp cnewsclean courier-authdaemon
    couriergraph cwdaemon dancer-ircd dancer-services danted
    das-watchdog ddns3-client dhttpd dictd didiwiki digitools distcc
    distmp3 drbdlinksclean dropbear elog emifreq-applet fai-abort
    fcron fiaif filterproxy fireflier-server fnfxd freewnn-cserver
    freewnn-jserver freewnn-kserver freewnn-tserver frox fwlogwatch
    ganglia-monitor gdomap genpower gld gmetad gnudip gnue-appserver
    gom gsm-utils guarddog guidedog heimdal-kcm heimdal-kdc honeyd
    hpsockd hyperestraier icecast2 ifupdown-scripts-zg2 iiimf-server
    inputlirc interchange ipband ipfm ipmasq ipmasq-kmod iptotal
    ipvsadm ipx ipxripd ircd-irc2 irmp3 isakmpd isdneurofile isdnutils
    ixbiff jabber jftpgw jmon karrigell l2tpns lastfmsubmitd lastmp
    ldapdns ldirectord ledd ledstats linesrv lirc log2mail lokkit
    masqmail mathopd mbmon memlockd mgetty-fax mimedefang monit monopd
    mopd mordor muddleftpd mudnames mzscheme nagios-statd-server nas
    nessusd net-acct netapplet netscript nsca nsd ntop nws oidentd
    openhpid openntpd oss-preserve p3scan pads pcapdump perdition pimd
    pingpong pipsecd plptools pop-before-smtp popfile portsentry
    postfix-policyd postman powerfail psad puppet puppetmaster
    pure-ftpd pure-ftpd-ldap pure-ftpd-mysql pure-ftpd-postgresql
    pygopherd pymsnt quickml radiusd rarpd rbldnsd rbootd reaim
    realtime rinetd rng-tools roxen4 rplay rpld rrdcollect rtpproxy
    samhain sauce scalemail scanlogd secvpnmon setmixer sfs-client
    sfs-server shaperd siproxd slashem-common slpd smail smtpd
    smtpfeed smtpguard spamass-milter specter sqcwa squid-prefetch
    squidtaild ssbd swapspace sympa systune tama tcpspy teapop
    teapop-ldap teapop-mysql teapop-pgsql termnetd tetrinetx timeoutd
    tinyproxy tleds torrus-common totd tpconfig transproxy tspc ttyd
    udhcpd ugidd uif ulog-acctd ulogd umlrun-uml uniconfd upsd
    ups-monitor userv vsftpd vtun wackamole wdm whitelister
    wipl-daemon wmaloader xpilot-ng-server xringd xtell xttpd
    zoneminder zorp

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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