Feedback for readahead

Wolf Wiegand wolf at
Mon Jan 14 10:25:56 UTC 2008


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encouraged by Petter Reinholdtsens mail to debian-devel, I checked out
readahead. I am using a fairly standard sid system, using a custom
kernel image without initial ramdisk:

- Adding 'profile' to the kernel command line would not initiate the
  readahead profiling process, as /proc/ does not seem to be mounted at
  the moment the readahead scripts are running. The error message "grep:
  /proc/cmdline: No such file or directory" was printed on the screen.
  To workaround this for once, I modified the init script to run the
  profiling process anyway, rebooted, and undid these changes. Is
  readahead supposed to only work with an initial ramdisk?

- readahead improved the time needed for booting (from hitting 'enter'
  on the grub command line to gdm appearing) from about 58 sec to 53


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