Please check out ondemand script from ubuntu

Petter Reinholdtsen pere at
Sun Jul 5 21:51:01 UTC 2009

[Mattia Dongili]
> Well, what is loading the processor specific and governor modules in
> Ubuntu? In Debian this is done by cpufrequtils' init scripts.

I have been told that the modules are part of the default kernel, and
not modules in Ubuntu.

> that leads you to this:

Which has been solved, it seem. :)

> I don't know.
> Honestly I can't see what's wrong with pulling 2 little tiny
> packages (cpufrequtils + lib) for processor/governor and policy
> initialization, they also give you easy commands to check what's
> going on from the command line.

I have no problem with keeping the cpu frequencing scaling stuff in
cpufrequtils, and out of initscripts.

> Thinking of it, I suspect creating the ondemand init script was more
> for that super-duper-fast boot there has been a big fuss about some
> time ago. So they got rid of everything that was not essential and
> implemented things in a different way (even scaling down the
> processor _after_ the desktop manager had logged you in). But I'm
> not really sure, you should ask them rather than me. ;)

Could be, and if it is effective, I am all for using it in Debian too.
I've been working on speeding up the Debian boot for several years,
and a lot of the improvements are present today. :)

> I don't think it makes any sense to implement anything like that in
> Debian.


Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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