New upstream sysvinit tarball version 2.87dsf created

Petter Reinholdtsen pere at
Mon Jul 13 19:22:01 UTC 2009

Thank you for the interesting feedback.  But some of your comments
make me suspect you misunderstand what actually happened here when I
made the new sysvinit release.

All of the patches now included in the new sysvinit tarball have been
included in Debian, SuSe and Fedora for several years already.  So,
nothing really new here, just a new upstream release to provide an
updated synchronization point between the distributions.

All the patches commited are available from
<URL: >.

[Scott James Remnant]
>>   * Adjust output from "last -x".  In reboot lines, print endpoint
>>     of uptime too.  In shutdown lines print downtimes rather than
>>     the time between downs.  Fix typo in string compare in last.c.
>>     Patch by Thomas Hood.
> We should probably check to make sure that Upstart's reboot(8), telinit
> (8) and shutdown(8) generate compatible utmp entries.

Yes.  This patch has been in Debian since 2006, fixing #58119.

>>   * Fix utmp/wtmp updating on 64-bit platforms.  Patch by Bill
>>     Nottingham and Fedora.
> What was this patch?

Included in Debian since version 2.86.ds1-40.  See the SVN repository
for the details.

>>   * Allow 'telinit u' in runlevels 0 and 6.  Patch from Thomas Hood.
> What runlevels are "telinit u" normally allowed in in sysvinit?

It used to only allow runlevels S12345.  Fixed in debian in version
2.86.ds1-9 in 2006, fixing #345719.

>>   * Add usleep in killall5 after killing processes, to force the kernel
>>     to reschedule.  Patch from SuSe.
> Not sure why this would work?  kill() is a syscall anyway, so the kernel
> should already make its own scheduling decisions.

Did not see the harm, and trusted SuSe to know what they were doing.

> I noticed a strange case with killall, it seems to cause the Upstart
> rc.conf job to get SIGSTOP/SIGCONT repeatedly?

killall5 signals all processes with SIGSTOP before deciding what to
kill, to avoid new processes popping up while killall5 is running.

>>   * Modify init to shut down IDE, SCSI and SATA disks properly.  Patches
>>     from Sebastian Reichelt, Werner Fink and SuSe.
> See above; we don't have any of this in the Upstart code - what were the
> patches?

See SVN.

>>   * Change shutdown to only accept flags -H and -P with the -h flag,
>>     and document this requirement in the manual page.
> Why this change?

It has been part of Debian since version 2.86.ds1-5 in 2005, fixing

> It seems more userfriendly for -H and -P to "imply" -h, Upstart's
> shutdown(8) permits "shutdown -H now"

Could be.  That was not how it was solved and I just applied the patch.

>>   * Change reboot/halt to work properly when used as a login shell.
>>     Patch by Dale R. Worley and Fedora.
> What was this patch?

See SVN.  Trusted Fedora to know what they were doing, and applied the
patch without testing how things behave.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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