Some bootchart measurements from todays Squeeze

Kel Modderman kel at
Wed Jul 22 15:40:54 UTC 2009

On Wednesday 22 July 2009 23:44:28 Luk Claes wrote:
> Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> > I just did a few benchmarks using Squeeze, and wanted to share the
> > numbers with you.  I first installed squeeze using an lenny debian
> > installation over PXE, next ran tasksel to install the KDE desktop and
> > the laptop task and finally installed bootchart to start on the
> > benchmark tests.  The measurement is from the kernel starts until the
> > bootchart script in rc2.d/ is executed.  Because of bug #491391, the
> > measurements with insserv are a bit skewed.  The benchmark was done on
> > a Dell Latitude D505.
> Did we already report a bug to get the better bootchart into Debian, I 
> don't seem to find it?

No, it's still on my to-do list.


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