[Letsencrypt-devel] Bug#825635: Bug#825635: Temporary rebuild

Harlan Lieberman-Berg hlieberman at debian.org
Sat May 28 14:45:14 UTC 2016

Joachim Helzer <joachim.helzer at gmx.de> writes:
> same problem here. Did a rebuild.

This is my fault; the problem here is that I forgot about

As a result, when I uploaded the new version of the certbot packages and
the python-acme package, python-letsencrypt became uninstallable (due to
the version bump in python-acme), but python-certbot* is stuck in

This should automatically resolve itself once the packages clear
backports-NEW; I've pinged the backports team on IRC.

This is totally my screw up; I should have remembered and waited to
upload python-acme until after the certbot packages had wound their way
through backports-NEW.

Sorry about this!  Hopefully it will be resolved soon.

Harlan Lieberman-Berg

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