[Letsencrypt-devel] jessie-backports branch

Harlan Lieberman-Berg hlieberman at setec.io
Mon Apr 24 03:04:20 UTC 2017

So, I royally screwed up the jessie-backports branch when I accidentally
committed and uploaded the 0.11 stuff instead of the 0.10 branch (which I
just uploaded now.)

I looked into this, and I can't really see a safe way to back out those
branch changes except for a hard reset back into the past and a force
push.  (Undoing the merge will cause git to ignore the changes if merged in
at a later date, and we could end up accidentally missing code modified by

Therefore, I propose:

After the 0.10.2-1~bpo8+1 packages have been accepted out of
jessie-backports-policy, I will force push the jessie-backports branch back
to represent what is currently uploaded into the archives.  To help with
security, I will GPG sign the tags of that version.  In addition, I will
reply to this thread with the commit ids at the tip of the branch in each
of the four repos.

What are people's thoughts?

Harlan Lieberman-Berg
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